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So quickly Autumn has Arrived!

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So quickly Autumn has Arrived!

Alas, the first really blustery dark storm has come, and I become aware that it really is Autumn! The summer passed much too quickly, with gardens producing and taking the role of my partner's post-surgery caregiver! 

We did visit some beautiful places; Yellowstone Park, the Crazy Mountains of Montana, hot springs in Idaho.

I experimented with different kinds of jams to can this summer, Oregon Grape Jelly, Hawthorn Berry Jelly, Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam, two different kinds of Plum Jam, all home grown, in addition to blackberry jam and apple and pear butter (always!)

I did get a tray collaged, it can be used as a tray or as a wall hanging. Wonderful pink flowers of fragrant Daphne and vibrant Waterlilies provide the background for some wildlife interactions! 

As autumn arrives, I am reminded of being yet another year older, and hopefully wiser, and thinking of setting new goals for the upcoming year! Being thankful of every day that is gifted to me! My twin and I just celebrated another birthday, hence the collage pictured, Twins, from me to Patti!


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