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The First of November 2012

The past week and a half has been a whirlwind! Working on art, preparing for company (three sets of it!), fall garden clean-up, the last of the harvest!

Layni and Richie, daughter and significant other, came for a week, and helped to process apples, plums, walnuts, peppers, and so on. What a great help and nice to spend a little time with her, as they live in San Diego. Other daughter Jenica from Eugene Oregon came to see her sister, and Kaleb, son, lives locally and came to visit us all! Friends Dal and Donna stopped for a night heading south to Baja, with their dog Charlie and towing a boat!

Not much art was worked on, but with all distractions gone, I am progressing satisfactorily! Now engrossed in gluing the Hulk/Avatar top and undertop!

Making apple pie with Layni!

Avatar and the Hulk


Avatar and the Hulk, quite a combination!

A rainy day, good day for shredding summer squash for bread later, and collaging! Though really wanting to curl up with my sweetie and a good book, cup of hot tea, and squash bread!

The characters somehow have to fit in conjunction with each other on a seat. And i want to know why there are not any nice looking pictures of the Hulk. Why have a beautiful seat with a grotesque green figure on it? But tis not mine to reason why, tis mine to build a seat!

I got gifted more apples from my wonderful sister Patti. More pies and good stuff on the way!


Art, Apples, and Ice Cubes


Today is dividing my time among: baking squash bread and more squash, slicing apples for pie and to dry, collecting prune plums, collaging the "waterfall with avatar" seat. Just starting out on this one, images flying all over the place!

Just a sprinkle of rain last night. Enough to moisten the ground and release the petrachlor from the rocks and surrounding landscape! (That "rain" smell)

Ice cubes? It is warm enough today for iced coffee!

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